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What Christian Theology Can Learn from the Public with Dr. Brandy Daniels

To what does “speech to the detainees” refer? What is a public theologian? What is “church?” These are some of the questions that today’s guest addresses. Dr. Brandy Daniels is an Assistant Professor of Systematic Theology and Women’s and Gender Studies at the University of Portland. Listen in to her interview to hear about Dr. Daniels’ work and activism, what the work of a public theologian entails, and what her upcoming book is all about.

Topics Discussed in This Episode

  • Dr. Daniels’ deconstruction story
  • Christian “boxes” and ways to dismantle them
  • Street chaplaincy as spiritual work
  • Ways in which power is internalized and operates in churches
  • Liberation theologies and why they’re important
  • What the Gospel is and how we come to understand it
  • What theology can learn from the public
  • Public scholarship vs. public theology
  • Rethinking church, preaching and prayer
  • Dr. Daniels’ favorite forms of spiritual nourishment
  • Lessons learned from Dr. Daniels’ students
  • Intersections of activism, faith and theology
  • How Christian theology forms us, and what that means in light of identity differences
  • How our ideals of wholeness are limited by our experiences

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