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The Healing Power of Yoga

What roles do yoga, chants and gongs play in spirituality? What are the spiritual benefits of yoga, particularly Kundalini yoga? Kundalini yoga teacher Gwenn Ranbir Agiapal answers those questions in today’s episode. Gwenn began her yoga studies and practice in 1974 and ultimately discovered Kundalini yoga. She became certified in Kundalini yoga in 2005 and is now a Level 3 Teacher Trainer. Listen in to hear her perspective on the meditative and healing effects of yoga, chanting and gong work. She also shares her Meditation Minutes.
Topics Discussed in This Episode
  • Gwenn’s religious experiences with nature
  • How her Sunday School teacher mom supported Gwenn’s decision to leave the church

  • Gwenn’s exploration of Buddhist studies

  • The spiritual benefits of yoga

  • Different forms of yoga and meditation

  • The goal of energy-clearing work

  • How chanting and yoga work together

  • The positive impact of the gong’s multiple layers of sound

  • Gwenn’s teaching career

  • Her interpretation of true self 

  • Gwenn’s Meditation Minutes (below)

Meditation Minutes:

These are the effects of meditation over time.

  • 3 Minutes: Affects the electromagnetic field and blood circulation (attitude)

  • 11 Minutes: Changes the nerves and glandular system (endocrine)

  • 22 Minutes: Balances the 3 minds – Positive, Negative, and Neutral – so they work together

  • 31 Minutes: Allows the glands, breath, and concentration to affect the cells

  • 62 Minutes: Changes the gray matter in the brain

  • 2-1/2 Hours: Changes the psyche in its relationship with the surrounding magnetic field so that the subconscious mind is held in the new pattern by the surrounding universal mind

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