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The Divine Feminine

There are a lot of ways to be spiritual. For many, it’s a winding path. Today’s guest, Kenlyn Kolleen, is a speaker, author, spiritual empowerment coach, and host of The Divine Feminine Summit. Listen in to hear what Kenlyn has to say about her journey from Christian fundamentalism to the Divine Feminine. She talks about how she visited India and met the Dalai Lama, how she used Rolfing and a medicinal plant to help heal the spiritual wounds of her upbringing, and other practices that helped reconnect her to her true self.

Topics Discussed in This Episode

  • Kenlyn’s influence on the creation of The Incarcerated Christian Podcast
  • Her background in Christian fundamentalism, evangelicalism and Pentecostalism
  • Where Kenlyn learned to question and think critically
  • What she considers the “initiation of her spiritual journey”
  • Spiritual teachers who helped her find the truth of her heart
  • Kenlyn’s thoughts on how dogmatic Christianity prevents embodied spirituality
  • What her spiritual awakening taught her about the intelligence of the body
  • How Kenlyn made the journey to the Divine Feminine
  • Archetypes of the Divine Feminine
  • Techniques that Kenlyn used to reconnect with her heart and body
  • The grief of being disconnected from our true self and the process of grief shedding
  • How an experience with a medicinal plant helped Kenlyn
  • Kenlyn’s time in India and meeting the Dalai Lama
  • Talking to family about taking a new spiritual path
  • Learning to tap into and trust what our bodies tell us
  • Integrating the feminine and masculine parts of ourself

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