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The Dark Side to Christianity

Today, you’ll learn more about your hosts, Robin Mitchell Stroud and Debra Levy Martinelli, and how they came to create The Incarcerated Christian Podcast. Listen to the episode to hear how Robin’s doctoral research factors into the backstory of The Incarcerated Christian, what type of research she did to come to her conclusions, and what the phrase “Carceral Christianity” means.

Topics Discussed in This Episode

  • Robin’s doctoral research and how it contributed to the origin of The Incarcerated Christian Podcast
  • The dark side to Christianity
  • The questions Robin asked in her research
  • How many people Robin interviewed and the themes that came up in those interviews
  • What “Carceral Christianity” means
  • Key markers of this kind of religious education
  • The power dynamic between men and women
  • How having the language for experiences helps with validation and healing
  • How negative church experiences affect a person’s concept of God
  • The Divine Feminine and a reimagined Divine Masculine

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