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That Pastor from Oklahoma’s New Chapter

Pastor Jeremy Coleman (aka That Pastor from Oklahoma) is back on the Incarcerated Christian Podcast to talk about how his life and his ministry have changed during the past year. Listen in to hear what this enormously popular pastor with the no-holds-barred approach to speaking his truth says about his new projects, including the Speakeasy Project online community; his meteoric rise on social media and the positive and negative reactions that have come with it; what church means to him now; and how one of his social media posts morphed into a song available on iTunes.
Topics Discussed in This Episode
  • What’s happened with Pastor Coleman since his last visit to the podcast
  • The Speakeasy Project
  • Which of his social media videos get the strongest reactions
  • How he deals with the negative feedback to his social media posts
  • “The Evangelical Hotline” and the inspiration for it
  • Misogyny in the church
  • Pastor Coleman’s personal history of misogyny
  • Learning to be an ally
  • The video post that became a published song
  • What church now means to Pastor Coleman

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