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Carrie Doehring

Spiritual Practices for Traumatic Grief

What do you do with grief in a spiritual sense? Is there a difference between grief and traumatic grief? These are some of the questions that will be addressed in today’s episode. Our guest is Dr. Carrie Doehring, Professor of Pastoral Care at Iliff School of Theology and author of the book The Practice of Pastoral Care, A Postmodern Approach.

Dr. Doehring discusses how she became interested in trauma and religious struggles, her own experience with traumatic grief, and the spiritual practices she finds helpful. 

Topics Discussed in This Episode

  • How Dr. Doehring became interested in trauma and religious and spiritual struggles
  • Distinguishing between grief and traumatic grief
  • Using spiritual practices to see the goodness in grief
  • Holding our survival techniques with compassion
  • Body-centered spiritual practices
  • Importance of having conversations around suicide prevention
  • Liturgy and music that focuses on the love of God
  • Lamentation as sharing anguish, interrogating suffering, and investing in hope
  • How grief for a child differs from grief for others
  • How listening to choral music helped Dr. Doehring to heal

Referenced in the Show

“Searching for Wholeness Amidst Traumatic Grief: The Role of Spiritual Practices that Reveal Compassion in Embodied, Relational, and Transcendent Ways” by Dr. Doehring

“Good Night, Dear Heart” by Dan Forrest

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Carrie Doehring


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