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Robin’s Story

Providing an outlet for survivors of religious incarceration to tell their stories is a priority of The Incarcerated Christian Podcast. That includes the stories of its hosts. In today’s episode, you’ll hear Robin’s story of growing up in the environment that she refers to as Carceral Christianity. She tells of the fear that was a defining characteristic of her youth, how the family dynamic intersected with the church dynamic, and what it was like as she began to break out of the incarcerated Christianity in which she was raised.

Topics Discussed in This Episode

  • Robin’s history
  • Why Robin wants to tell her story
  • Robin’s “bars and keys” diagram
  • The fear of growing up as an Incarcerated Christian
  • How fear manifested in Robin’s environment
  • The intertwining of abuse and neglect within both the church and the family
  • Whether Robin’s academic and athletic achievements impacted her view of herself
  • The emphasis on female modesty in dress and appearance
  • Robin’s transformative college experience
  • The experience of being affirmed by a member of the clergy
  • Robin’s therapy
  • The power of journaling as a therapeutic tool
  • Robin’s current relationship to her family and to religion and spirituality

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