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Religion and Politics in the Middle East

How do Judaism, Christianity, and Islam intersect with each other, and with both U.S. and global politics? Today’s guest is an expert on this topic. Dr. Charles Kimball is an ordained Baptist minister who served as the Director of the Middle East Office at the National Council of Churches. Over the past four decades, he has made more than 40 visits to the Middle East and worked closely with Congress, the White House, and the State Department on Judaic/Christian/Islamic relations. In today’s episode, Dr. Kimball discusses the dynamics of extremism, the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, and the importance of humanizing one another.

Topics Discussed in This Episode

  • How Dr. Kimball became interested in the religious and political interplay among Christianity, Judaism and Islam in the Middle East and around the world
  • Dr. Kimball’s experience during the 1979 Iran hostage crisis
  • The dynamics of extremism
  • The Israeli/Palestinian conflict
  • Speaking the truth and the existence of more than one truth
  • The importance of humanizing one another
  • How Dr. Kimball’s work is received in Baptist denominations

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