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On the Faith Beat

What’s it like reporting on religion for a large newspaper in America’s Bible Belt? Today’s guest, Carla Hinton, who has covered faith, religion and spirituality for The Oklahoman newspaper for two decades, gives us the scoop. Listen in as Carla talks about interviewing The Rev. Billy Graham and civil rights leader Jesse Jackson and describes some of her other big – and sometimes controversial – stories.
Topics Discussed in This Episode
  • Carla’s personal history and varied church background
  • How she chooses which stories to cover
  • The story of martyred priest Stanley Rother
  • Carla’s most controversial story
  • Her interviews with Billy Graham and Jesse Jackson
  • Carla’s respect for faith
  • Carlton Pearson’s gospel of inclusion
  • How Carla localizes national stories
  • Carla’s coverage of religious miseducation and abuse
  • Navigating Black Lives Matter and other race issues as a Black journalist
  • Why singing is Carla’s favorite spiritual practice

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