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Life Inside a Religious Cult

How do you break out of a religious cult? What does it look like to move forward afterwards? Today’s guest (unnamed here to protect her identity) will share her experiences growing up in a fringe Christian community: The Institute of Basic Life Principles. Listen in to learn about her family life within the organization, what was expected of a girl growing up in the Institute, how she left and what she’s doing now.

Trigger Warning: Sexual and physical abuse are discussed.

Topics Discussed in This Episode

  • Characteristics of the Institute of Basic Life Principles
  • Her understanding of the Institute
  • Wisdom booklets and other curriculum required by the Institute
  • Gender role expectations in the Institute
  • How the parents pick future spouses for their children
  • How she separated from the church and why she left
  • Whether a person could push back if they disagreed with the organization’s teachings
  • How her father’s substance abuse problems were treated within the church
  • How the Institute would deal with a woman with the same problems
  • What things about her current life would cause trouble for her within her former church community
  • How she is moving forward with her life outside the organization
  • Her current relationship with her family
  • The most traumatizing parts of her experience
  • What has been helpful in her spiritual healing journey
  • The difficulty of explaining her story to someone who hasn’t experienced it

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