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Heal the Body, Heal the Trauma with Brian Peck

What are adverse religious experiences and how are they harmful to people? Is healing the nervous system essential to healing religious trauma? Is healing in a relationship with others important? Is forgiveness required for healing trauma? These are some of the topics that today’s guest, Brian Peck, touches upon during our conversation with him.
Brian is a therapist and coach for religious trauma and recovery. He is a licensed clinical social worker who specializes in religious-based trauma in his private practice, Room to Thrive. He also helps guide individuals through deconstruction and deconversion (though he doesn’t particularly like these terms) with somatic-based practices. As a coach, Brian empowers people who have been harmed by religion to clarify their values and learn to trust themselves with trauma-informed coaching and resources. Listen to the episode to learn how Brian shares his views on what he calls “devastating religious trauma,” the physiological response to a belief in hell, and the disorientation caused by hate. 
Topics Discussed in This Episode:
  • Brian’s views about the terms “deconstruction” and “deconversion”
  • Devastating religious trauma
  • The physiological response to a belief in hell
  • Forgiveness and trauma healing
  • Why there should be less focus on hypocrisy in the healing process
  • How hate is disorienting
  • Whether processing past trauma is necessary for healing
  • The difference between knowing you’re safe and feeling safe
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