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From Shame to Sin

How did the rise of Christianity during Roman antiquity change sexual behavior? In today’s episode, Dr. Kyle Harper, the author of From Shame to Sin: The Christian Transformation of Sexual Morality in Late Antiquity, answers this question, describes the vastly divergent social and sexual roles of men and women during that period, and provides insight into how Christian sexual morality has both changed and stayed the same throughout history.
Topics Discussed in This Episode
  • Why Dr. Harper wrote From Shame to Sin
  • How the rise of Christianity fundamentally changed the ethics of sexual behavior
  • Dr. Harper’s explanation of how the social concept of shame gave way to the theological notion of sin
  • The social and sexual roles and rules for men and women during Roman antiquity
  • How Dr. Harper sees the ancient transformation carrying forward to today
  • Dr. Harper’s favorite spiritual practice

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