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Debra’s Story

What happens when someone returns to their roots after years spent mostly apart from the religious tradition in which they grew up? In today’s episode, you’ll hear from co-host Debra Levy Martinelli about her own religious upbringing and spiritual journey. Learn about Debra’s Judaic education, how she and her siblings experienced religion as children and then as adults, and the spiritual practices Debra is developing now.
Topics Discussed in This Episode
  • Where Debra was raised and the religious tradition in which she grew up
  • What Judaic culture and education means to Debra
  • How Debra and her siblings experienced religious education
  • How they experienced religion as adults
  • Whether Debra stayed active in Judaism after leaving her parents’ house
  • Debra’s return to her roots and the role grief and loss played in it
  • How she finds hope in her spiritual practices
  • The most difficult part of Debra’s journey
  • How Debra rediscovered Yiddish
  • The importance of physicality to Debra’s spirituality
  • How she approaches both individual and community spirituality

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