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Cult Tactics and Consent Violations in Christianity

How do religious communities violate consent? How do they employ cult tactics? Today’s guest, Chris Wilson, wrote about these topics in her master’s thesis for the Chicago Theological Seminary. A founding member of The Progressive Clergy of TikTok, Chris joins the podcast to talk about her research, her work, and themes of control in the American church today. Hear how she became interested in these topics, bullying in church youth groups, and the power of purity culture.

Topics Discussed in This Episode

  • The source(s) of Chris’s religious trauma
  • Theologies of control
  • Whether the themes of control exist in all religions, not just Christianity
  • Social control in religious communities
  • Bullying, abuse and emotional hijacking in church youth groups
  • Gaslighting in Christianity
  • The power of purity culture
  • Pet sins
  • The relationship between the military and Christianity
  • Marketing tactics in proselytizing

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