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Beyond Belief

What happens when you want to take your spiritual ideas beyond the realm of faith? Today’s guest is Rabbi Ted Falcon, spiritual therapist and popular speaker, author, and teacher of a universal spirituality honoring the interconnectedness of all life. In this episode, you’ll learn about his involvement in interfaith activities, including as a member of the renowned Interfaith Amigos, and his current work with the Anokhi Institute, which provides spiritual guidance in a safe and sacred space for one’s own journey of remembering and awakening.

Topics Discussed in This Episode

  • Rabbi Ted’s involvement in interfaith activities
  • Learning that experimenting with different faith ideas is OK
  • How the idea of Oneness transcends the physical distance of time and space
  • Characterization of The Ten Commandments as principles or utterances
  • The history and work of the Interfaith Amigos
  • Rabbi Ted’s work at the Anokhi Institute
  • The interconnectedness of all life
  • How identifying ourselves as our stories supports a belief in our separateness

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